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Natural Live Edge Figured Walnut and Maple Slabs For DIY and Finish it yourself  projects. We also do custom projects like tables, counters, benches, floating shelves and more.

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We stock an extensive inventory of natural edge figured walnut and maple slabs. These live edge slabs are excellent materials for many fine woodworking projects. Our natural edge walnut and maple slabs are milled with a band saw sawmill that can cut logs that  are up to 20 feet long and 36 inches in diameter and seasoned in our dehydrator kiln.

We use our state-of-the-art band saw to slice through wood logs to produce slabs that have thicknesses ranging from 3/4 to 12/4 inches. The original logs are sawn longitudinally to create amazing figured slabs with eye-catching grain texture and color. We do not cut off the bark so we can give you the natural (live) edges.

We season these figured boards in our dehydrator kiln to reduce the moisture content to less than 10 percent. This enhances the stability and durability of the wood and prevents warping. In fact, we produce slabs that are less than 6/4 inches in thickness by re-sawing the previously seasoned boards. Thus, we ensure that the thinner slabs will not warp due to natural drying.

Natural Edge Walnut Slabs

We process and stock various kinds of natural edge figured walnut slabs such as Black Walnut, English Walnut, Claro Walnut, and Bastogne Walnut. We have slabs with different types of figures including:  crotch, burls, flame, and curly which are highly figured.

Outstanding Qualities

Figured walnut slabs have stunning attraction and durability. Apart from the striking beauty of the natural edge and the beautiful grain pattern, these slabs also have a great texture and excellent machining properties.


The figured slabs we produce can be used for high end furniture and fine woodworking projects. The natural edge looks great on counter tops, bar table tops, dining tables, centerpieces, and special furniture pieces. In addition to furniture, our walnut slabs are also used for interior finish and gun stocks. This is because after the wood is seasoned it is extremely stable and it does not warp.

Types of Figured Maple Slabs

Hard Maple: This kind of maple (also called rock or sugar maple) provides straight grained slabs. But we also offer figured slabs with fiddleback, burly, blister, birdseye, tiger, angel steps, spalt or curly figures. Hard maple is stiff and strong. It offers high resistance to shock and it responds beautifully to stain and polish. Due to its excellent durability, hard maple slabs are suitable for cutting boards, bar tops, and counter tops. It’s intriguing figure also makes it a great choice for headboards and attractive tables.

Big Leaf Maple: This kind of maple wood is a bit softer than hard maple. So it is easier to machine and work on. Big leaf maple slabs produce intense figures such as quilted, burly, curly and blistered. They are commonly used for making very fine furniture and musical instruments.

Whether you need natural edge figured walnut or maple slabs for a unique desk, bar top, dining table, or for a piece of stunning wall art, we can help you  get what you need. You can contact us by phone, email or in person and we will take you through the various shapes, grains, textures, colors and dimensions of maple wood available. Then you will be able to discover your perfect choice. You may also send us drawings or sketches that clearly show what you want. Then we will assist you to get the most suitable logs that we can mill, dry and season to your meet your requirements.

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