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Claro Walnut

Claro walnut, also known as Juglans hindsii, is an endemic of Northern California. They have a limited growing area, but are mostly abundant in the San Joaquin valleys and Sacramento area of California because of its rich topsoil and water source.

Wood experts trace its origins back when the Spaniards settled in California and planted the seedlings from Mexico to serve as their food source and shade. Gen. John Bidwell is also considered a pioneer in planting its seeds around during the 1950s around Chico, California where some trees still remain.

Claro walnut is most popular for its grain and color which is best described as a cafe-au-lait hue with shades of orange and green. This sets it apart from the usual wood slabs from the East which has more uniform colors. Moreover, this wood is not only limited to having brown hues but is reminiscent of properties of black walnut wood. Claro walnut can come with shades of grays and reds as well.

As for its grain, this wood type has more striking patterns especially on its part where the large limbs meet the trunk. Because of its unique and refreshing patterns, Claro walnuts are a favorite for table and bar tops. They are also usually sold as slabs for better manipulation into woodwork.

Though mostly used for big pieces, this wood type is also used for smaller pieces. It is a popular material for guitars, for example, not only because of its appearance but because of its tight fiddleback which makes it perfect for instruments. It is average at most as tonewood but then again, its unique appearance encourages people to use it as material. Wood afficionados love the surprise that it entails, because logs from a claro walnut tree will definitely be different from that of another tree.

This wood type is often confusing for some because its name Juglans hindsii is commonly used to refer to the woodstock of orchard trees. To explain, the section below the original graft is the one used as the claro wood while the section above which is much lighter in color is referred and used as the English walnut.

In terms of its working properties, claro walnut is close to the characteristics of black walnut or Juglans nigra. It is stable as a material and has a gravity of .55. The effort comes to its drying process which usually takes two to three years. The price of a claro walnut slab is based on its amount of figure and color.