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Hardwood for furniture

Types of Hardwood for Furniture

Most woodworkers enjoy using hardwood for furniture. Hardwoods create beautiful and durable furniture because of their grain patterns, texture and color. In order to be able to choose the best type of hardwood for your next woodworking project, it is important for you to know the different hardwood options available.


Maple is heavier, harder and more durable than most other hardwoods. The rare fine grain including the birds eye, twists and swirls make them a good choice for several types of furniture such as bedroom furnishing and kitchen furniture. Maple wood is also an excellent choice for hardwood flooring. Several beautiful collectible antique furniture pieces made in the 1900’s were produced with maple wood. Maple wood comes in several colors including, snow white, cream, pink, ash, and brown.


Walnut wood is very hard and durable. But it is not as hard as maple wood. It is excellent for use as an accent or inlay to dress up a wood project. Walnut is a very popular hardwood because of its ease of use, texture, color and beauty. That is why it has a vast range of applications in woodwork. Almost any type of furniture can be made with walnut wood.


Cherry has two main varieties: heartwood and sapwood. Heartwood has a nice reddish-brown color while sapwood is white. Cherry is softer than maple, walnut and oak wood. But it is quite easy to use, it finishes and stains well with oil alone and it still looks great after several years. Cherry is obtained from sustainable forests and the demand for this wood is now on the increase.


Oak is another great hardwood for furniture. It is available as white or red oak. Oak is as strong as walnut wood and it is relatively easy to use. For furniture making, white oak is usually preferred to red oak. It has more attractive grain and it is water resistant so it can be used for outdoor wood furniture. The beautiful grain of oak wood makes it look great on wide wood surfaces like tables and doors.


Birch wood comes as yellow or white wood. White birch has a distinct white color that is similar to white maple wood. But yellow birch has a pale yellow color with a reddish brown tint at the heart of the wood. Birch is as hard as walnut or oak wood. It is often used for creating fine furniture because it is less expensive and readily available.