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Tiger Maple Wood for your home. 


If you are considering installing new countertops or want new furniture in the home, tiger maple wood is not only distinctive in design and detail, but with our milling process, the wood is also built to last. Not only will it look great in most spaces, it is also solidly constructed, to avoid scratching, damage, and warping in the home, once installed.

Tiger maple (also known as curly or flame maple), gets its name from the distinct stripes on the wood, which resemble stripes found on tigers. The wood's durability, and a wide variety of stripe patterns make it the ideal choice for those who want a distinct style of wood in the home. It is great for wood furniture or new counters in the kitchen space. It is decorative, durable, and fits well in spaces where unique patterns and design are desired by customers.

Functions & Features -
Tiger maple is extremely durable and rugged in its design. For these reasons, it is generally a wood of choice for designing custom wood furniture pieces. It is also a popular choice for kitchens, where new counters and cabinets are desired by the home owner.The unique feature about tiger maple wood is that its distinct pattern is due to a deviation in the manner in which the wood is grown (this is known as figuring). The figuring process causes the patterns to travel across the grain. In turn, the tiger wood has its distinct stripe shapes, design patterns which are similar to waves, or designs which resemble small flames over each piece of the wood.

Considerations -
When selecting tiger maple as the wood of choice, it is important to note that not all maple trees produce this type of wood. Consistency, size, and intensity of the patterns, will determine the wood's grade and durability levels. A curly grain finish may make the wood less stable than that of a straight grain maple tree.

Final thoughts -
For those who want new distinct styles of furniture, or custom designed countertops in the kitchen, tiger maple is durable, distinct, and offers a variety of design features to choose from. In addition to the distinct design patterns, it is also a wood grain which comes in a number of grain finishes, and different color varieties. It provides a warm and rich finish in any space, and the distinct design is clearly seen, especially when the wood is properly treated prior to installation.